Cinelli Zydeco E-Mud

When the paved road ends leaving the path to the dirt road, the real fun begins with the new Zydeco E-Mud, equipped with the MAHLE Ebikemotion® X35 engine integrated in the rear wheel hub. The bike, with Columbus carbon monocoque frame and clean aesthetics, has been designed and engineered to make you experience the most natural assisted ride. The engine system, 250Wh battery included, weights just 3.5 kg.The climbs, whether on asphalt or dirt roads, will be the most exciting experience ever!
*The image has the sole purpose of presenting the product. Some assembly specifications may vary.
*Cinelli Division reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.

This bike is eligible for the 'Clever fueren - Sue spueren' subsidy.
5,400.00 €   Free delivery
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