Basil Bremen Fixed Basket

The Basil Bremen Rattan Look FM is a modern bicycle basket suitable for permanent mounting on your handlebars – hence the name Fixed Mount (FM). The advantage of fixed mounting is that you need to attach the basket only once. Mounting can easily be done with the Basil Fixed Mount Stem Holder, which you need to purchase separately. In this case please choose the "With adapter" option when ordering.

The bike basket is made of synthetic rattan and therefore weatherproof. This also guarantees a long lifespan, ensuring years of cycling enjoyment with practical storage within easy reach.
  • The basket comes without the Basil Fixed Mount Stem Holder.
  • Easy to attach to your handlebars.
  • This rattan look bike basket is wheaterproof.
  • Keeps essential items within sight when cycling.

Do you prefer to take your bike basket along with you when you head into the store? Then choose the removable version: the Basil Bremen Rattan Look. This basket can easily be attached to your handlebars and removed with the same level of ease. In addition, the removable basket has a handle for comfortable carrying.
  • Dimensions: 26 cm x 35 cm x 27 cm (External dimension)
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Position on the bicycle: Front
  • Installation on: Handlebar
  • Material: Synthetic rattan
  • Carrying capacity: Max. 5 kg.