Fendor-Bendor, the foldable fender.
FENDOR BENDOR Regular is a great option for those truly wet moments when you wish you had a fully protecting mudguard. It attaches with no tools, to virtually every bike in just a few seconds. Still foldable, it can easily be stored in a bag or jersey pocket for wet weather deployment.

• Perfect for fixed gear, road, cross or mtb hardtail bikes
• Suitable for tire widths between 22-35 mm
• Measures: 626 x 93 mm
• Weight: 61g
• Made in Sweden  

FENDOR BENDOR Big gets the dirty job done. The all new attachment makes fitting without tools a breeze, to virtually every bike in just a few seconds. With the newly developed attachment construction, FENDOR BENDOR Big is now completely self supported and therefore possible to mount on bikes without the sideway support of the seat stays or the support of a brake bridge. You could also mount it above your caliper brake to avoid interference with the brake.

• Perfect for Gravel or MTB
• Suitable for tire widths between 32-55 mm
• Made in Sweden

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