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We are Luxembourg's first Custom Bike Shop. Our online shop welcomes you with the most extraordinary products for urban cyclists. As we are specialized in custom fixed gear and singlespeed bicycles, our Project is your Bike. Please get in touch with us via FB, e-mail or over the phone since we only work by appointment! Hope to see you soon!

✅ Do you have a physical shop?

No, we mainly work as an online shop, so there is no address where you could visit us during opening hours, nor do we have a showroom.
✅ Is it possible to see/test the bikes before a purchase?
Yes, if a bike is in stock, we can schedule a meeting to show you the bike in Strassen. Please get in touch with us!
✅ What happens if I place an order?
All orders will be manually processed by us and will only be validated once the availability of the items have been confirmed. 
✅ What is the difference between “In stock” and “On order”?
In stock means the item is in our warehouse in Luxembourg and delivery can take place immediately. On order usually means the item can be ordered from our distributor and - depending on their stock levels - delivery can take place within 3-7 days. The availability infos on our website are manually updated by us so some errors might occur.
✅ What payment methods are accepted?
We usually prefer payment by bank transfer when ordering online. In case an item is in stock and you choose pick up we also accept cash, digicash or card payments for amounts under 100€.
✅ What if I need a repair/service?
We work with The Happy Cyclist for all repairs/services needed.
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✅ Do you offer a warranty on bikes/parts?
All our products are covered by a 2 year warranty in line with the EU law.
✅ Are the bikes eligible for the Clever Fueren state subsidy?
Yes, all our bikes are eligible!

We try to give you a great selection of bikes, parts, accessories and apparel. Our shop carries the finest brands such as: 6KU, BLB, CINELLI, LARRY VS HARRY, TOKYOBIKE, WATT and many more...