Watt Brooklyn

This ultimate URBAN e-Bike is not only a feast for the eyes, but also a pleasure to ride. Sporty and fast due to the electric drive from the rear axle with a 250 WATT output, allowing you to experience direct support that quickly builds up to 25 kilometers per hour. With a range between 40 and 70 kilometers, it will take you anywhere in the city in no time.
  • The best of two worlds are united in this bike. The aluminum frame is finished with high-quality lacquer, which retains its stylish industrial look, as well as high-quality Shimano parts, the Gates Carbon Drive system and Brooks Cambium Saddle and handles. Giving you both a high-quality and comfortable electric bike.
  • The bike is equipped with the Gates Carbon Drive system. The industry standard for a low maintenance timing belt. Clean, light and strong. To be able to cycle at a higher speed, a gear ratio of 2.86 was used. Road cycling is therefore theoretically heavier, but because of direct support provided by the electric motor, you will barely notice it.
  • In order to reach any place you want with ease, the speed level of the BROOKLYN can be adjusted via the integrated display. The bike has a 250 WATT electric motor in its rear axle, and a speed sensor in the bottom bracket to regulate the drive. The motor has 5 levels from approximately 5 km to 25 km per hour support. Due to the bike’s aluminum frame, the bike only weighs 17.5 kilos, so that you can cycle with ease even without any support.
  • As with all WATT bicycles the battery is integrated in the down tube, creating an ideal weight distribution of the bicycle. This makes cycling feel natural and familiar. The battery is a 36V - 10.5 Ah lithium battery from Samsung, and charges via a connection in the frame. Charging a completely empty battery takes about 3 hours.
  • How far you can cycle with a full battery (the range) depends on a number of factors. It depends on your own weight, the support mode you choose and the cycling conditions. For example, with strong headwind and support position 5, the range is smaller than on a flat windy road and support position 1. In general, you can assume that you can cover a distance between 40 and 70 kilometers. More than enough for daily trips through the city.

54cm (166 - 184cm)
59cm (178 - 196cm)

This bike is eligible for the 'Clever fueren - Sue spueren' subsidy.

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