Steps 6000 XT Di2 eBullitt

How about coupling the Shimano STePS 6000 system with an external derailleur and cassette, so you get the economical and excellent functioning Shimano STePS 6000 matched with the broad cassette and excellent crisp and sharp shifting of XT Di2?! No compromise here, you can choose between an internal gear system or external gear system without any cost implications. If you need the extra features of the STePS 8000 system then no problem, go wild, but realistically the internal and external versions of the  STePS 6000 have you covered for 90% of applications. The gear ratios, super quick shifting and brake choices are fantastic, and the tried and tested Shimano STePS system provides amazing assistance. Honestly, this is a brilliant addition to the Bullitt armada.

Please note that The BBX side + cover, Foldable seat and Canopy all need the Honeycomb Board!

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BBX side + cover: 
Foldable seat: 
Damper kit: 
Honeycomb board: 
Convoy box: 
Alu box: 
Plastic box: 
Import + Handling: 
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