Colour your bicycle with Spray.Bike! Use the range of colours to personalise, change or refresh your ride, creating something unique to you. These easy-to-use sprays contain a rich pigment compound, giving an impressive professional finish each time. Suitable for steel, aluminium, titanium and carbon surfaces. Ready-to-use without any major pre-preparation!

Historic Collection
A range of colours originally used by famous frame-building pioneers.

Vintage Collection
An ode to cycling companies that we've lost along the way.

Pop Collection
A nod to Britain's most famous bike company in its 80's heyday.

Fluorescent Collection
Blisteringly bright fluorescents for both intense colour and reflective safety use.


We don't ship this product due to the varying laws concerning the transportation of aerosols!

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  • Specifically developed for painting bikes
  • Highly pigmented acrylic paint compound
  • Dry-fall powder coating
  • Non-drip, non-dribble formula
  • No primer required
  • Suitable for steel, aluminium, titanium and carbon surfaces
  • Permanent and resilient: UV-resistant and weather-resistant 
  • Solid colours with deep matte finish and semi-transparent glazes
  • Optional transparent finish: satin, gloss and lacquer
  • Colours and finishes perform together in all combinations
  • Easily-achieved fading, stenciling and blending effects
  • Requires no pre- and/or post-application equipment or treatment
  • CFC-free and toluene-free - there are no environmentally harmful or dangerous gases inside
  • Can is made of nickel - easily recyclable
  • Spray.Bike paint lasts in its can for up to 10 years
  • 200ml and 400ml options 
  • Ensure surface is clean and dry
  • Wear protective gloves, protective clothing, eye/face protection
  • Always paint in an open space in the open air
  • Shake can for at least 3 minutes before use
  • Test spray for 2-3 seconds prior to application
  • Spray surface from a distance of 5-12cm
  • When spraying, keep hand moving at all times
  • Avoid chains, cranks, cogs, derailleurs, gearing, bearings, and safety brakes
  • Frames and forks are the obvious choice to paint, but stems, handlebars and seatposts are ideal too
  • Paint parts individually and then re-assemble when completely dry
  • Allow to dry before adding 2nd coat (touch dry: 10 minutes, complete cure: 2 hours)
  • Let the paint completely dry over a 12 hour period before re-building the bike
  • At end, turn can upside down and spray for 2 seconds before storing
  • Protect can from sunlight and temperatures exceeding 50°C/122°F